Kitten Confession

One reason I haven’t been posting is because I have been obsessed with kittens.

We have had two cats in our family and they were both males. We adopted the first one when he was about 6 to 8 months old. Magic was with us for 13 years. Shortly after he died, we adopted Jake when he was a few years old. We enjoyed him for about five years until he died last year. I thought I was done having cats because it was so painful when they left.

As time passed, I have missed having a cat in the house. A gal I met in my writing group started a cat rescue in her home. I followed the progress of the rescue.

I’m a believer that cats find their forever homes and choose their people. I knew that if I was meant to have one I would recognize the signs.

My husband and I decided to get a kitten. We’ve never had a kitten and thought it might be a good idea since we would like a cat that will be happy traveling with us in our motor home. We figured a kitten would adjust to how we live right from the beginning.

The obsession started in April when I saw a picture like this posted on Facebook on the Fosterlings page. Sierra I saw this face and couldn’t stop looking at her. Then when I heard that her name was Sierra, I knew that was my sign. There’s a lot of reasons for that which I won’t bore you with but suffice it to say that everything clicked.

I went to meet Sierra April 17th.

Sierra at almost 4 weeks old.

Sierra at almost 4 weeks old.

 While I was there I met the rest of her litter. A little gray tabby named Tango kept crawling into my lap. I pondered the idea of getting two but dismissed it as a crazy thought. Plus I didn’t want another male. But he sure was cute!

Tango & Sierra

Tango & Sierra

A week later I brought my husband to meet Sierra, who I was already smitten with! Well, didn’t Tango climb into both of our laps and steal our hearts! Long story short, we decided to adopt them both.

A couple of weeks later we found out that Tango, who we had renamed Rocky (we had a mountain theme going here, see?) was a girl! Since she was so changeable, we named her Mystique, or Misty for short. (Misty continues the mountain theme since there are the Misty Mountains in the Lord of the Rings books which are my favorites!) Now we had two sisters that we loved.

I spent the months of April and May obsessed with these two adorable fur balls. We couldn’t wait to bring them home! On May 25th we did.

Sierra & Mystique

Sierra & Mystique: first day home.

Sierra and Mystique were all I was thinking about and doing. They kept me busy and smiling.

This is what they look like now. They are growing like crazy!

Sierra & Misty 7/31/15

Sierra & Misty 7/31/15

Now that we have had these fun furry people living with us for a couple of months and we are all settled in I can think about other things like writing.

I’ll try not to overdo the kitten posts but I can’t make any promises.

By the way, check out Fosterlings website. They do wonderful work in finding homes for cats and kittens.


4 thoughts on “Kitten Confession

  1. Kitties are wonderful!

  2. Karen Compary says:

    Kittens, plural, are so much fun. We had sister kittens a few years ago. Have pictures of them doing all kinds of funny things together. Both have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. I too needed a cat in the house. There are two now. One we adopted and the other just showed up at the house so we adopted her. Joey and Miss Daisy. Such joy they bring to life. Enjoy your little ones.

  3. Dad says:

    Gee, wish you could get caught up with something: cats, Faire, writing, camping, movies or TV shows! Glad you are enjoying them so much. Getting them so small makes them so much a part of the family. Enjoy!

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