Good to Be Back!

I can’t believe it has been more than three months since I’ve posted! Where have I been? Moving. Twice.

My husband and I have been talking about moving for a long time. The kids are on their own and our home was becoming too big and the yard was too much to take care of so we started looking at our options. A very long story short is we stumbled upon a perfect townhouse way out in the country. And that was all it took.

We listed our house and it was under contract in four days with the stipulation that we had to be out in a month. So we scrambled and were determined to make it happen. That deal fell through and without going into all of that stress, we put the house back on the market while continuing to hope our new place wouldn’t sell in the meantime.

Well we did sell our old house. We were able to put a deposit on the new house. We moved out the week of Thanksgiving. Our new house was done on the outside but wouldn’t be completed inside for another month. So we lived in our motor home for a month. With our two cat-sized kittens! The good news is that it went very well which was a relief.

The week of Christmas we moved into our new house. We managed to move during the two busiest holidays of the year. Which really made me think hard about what is most important about Thanksgiving and Christmas; spending it with family and friends.

So far our new home is wonderful! It’s in a new neighborhood so there is a lot of construction still going on but when I saw that beautiful rainbow, I took it as a sign that we are meant to be here.

All of my energy and concentration went into this hectic time. I’m very far behind in reading all of your wonderful blogs. I kept checking in when I could. I’ve missed the blogging community and plan on posting here again.

I may try to write about the whole moving experience a bit. There is a lot to talk about there! I always manage to find something to share.

Anyway, I hope everyone made it through the holiday season okay. I look forward to catching up again. It’s good to be back.


4 thoughts on “Good to Be Back!

  1. Welcome back to the writing world.

  2. LillianC says:

    What an ordeal for you! I once had to move during Christmas vacation, when the boys were still little. Now that we’re in this house, I’m hoping we’ll never have to move again!

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