Grateful Sunday

I’m sure some of you saw in the news that a tornado touched down in Pennsylvania Wednesday night. That was about ten miles from where I live and that storm roared right over us. It was very scary. We didn’t have any damage here and I am feeling incredibly grateful.

It was amazing to watch the community pull together to help those who were hit. There was mainly property damage and I don’t think anyone was hurt. Another thing to be grateful for.

So other than some flooded roads and a longer ride to work the next day, we were fine. Others nearby are still picking up and rebuilding.

Add that to a busy week I decided that I needed something relaxing to do. When my daughter invited me to visit, I was thrilled. We both have very busy lives so when we get together it’s time we don’t take for granted.

It was a gorgeous day today. It got into the 60’s with sunshine. In February! On the drive over it was nice to be driving on a beautiful day enjoying the countryside.

One of the loves in my life is horses. Since my daughter has two horses it was a doubly good day. My grand-horses! Her one horse is Musical, and she is a rescued thoroughbred racehorse.


Musical-her beautiful, content face.

She is a beautiful horse enjoying a nice quiet life. The other horse is Hercules, and he is a rescued miniature horse who is so cute it’s ridiculous.


Hercules-happy little guy.

What a gift it was to be able to be outside and not be freezing. No more snow on the ground. And two content horses to spend time with. Lots of loving.

That is why this is Grateful Sunday.

I hope everyone had something to be grateful for today.


2 thoughts on “Grateful Sunday

  1. I love a mighty name like Hercules for a small animal! Sounds like a lovely day was had by all.

  2. Dad says:

    Glad the storm basically missed you! Wasn’t aware it was so near!

    Getting together with grown kids for a “veg-out” time is great. Wish you could do it more often.

    Thanks for the update!

    Love you

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