Sky Love-Clouds

I’ve always loved the sky. Day and night. As a kid I did that stereotypical thing of lying on the grass and looking up at the clouds. I still do but not nearly as often as I should or would like to.

Any time of the day or night there is beauty above us. It’s ever-changing and always flowing. I think it reminds me of how tiny we are on this little planet in the universe hurtling through space and what a miracle it is to be here at all.

I’m been amazed at the sky where we live now. I think because it’s so open and I can see so much of it at once that it keeps fascinating me.

The clouds are magnificent.

I know when I was a preteen we lived for a short time in Wisconsin and I have never seen mountainous clouds like I did there when the thunderheads were growing a storm.

One of my favorite experiences was a day spent in the mountains of Colorado with my brother. We were hiking back down the mountain trail because storms were building in the heat of the day and you don’t want to be in a lightning storm up there. The sun was still out with clouds in the distance. At one point we stopped because the view was breathtaking. There was feeling of reverence. We sat on a boulder looking out over a valley and watched a cloud growing. It was literally growing before our eyes. There was no sound except the wind and we felt like we were the only ones in the world to witness this beauty. It was a spiritual experience.

More recently, I visited family in Colorado again and in thinking about this post decided to take pictures from the air. Flying over this country is amazing anyway but I was thrilled by the variety of clouds I saw in that one trip.

And now my obsession with the sky has been in overdrive because of where I’m living. With so many rolling fields the view of the sky here is huge. I think it’s the grandeur of it all. It gives me that feeling of being tiny in a powerful universe filled with beauty. Again, it feels like a spiritual experience. This has been happening frequently. I hope I never take it for granted.


Spring moving in.

No matter where you are, the sky is always there.

We live crazy busy lives but I hope you can take a few minutes to look up and enjoy the view.


2 thoughts on “Sky Love-Clouds

  1. Dad says:

    Like the sea, the sky is ever changing and either can remove you from the now! Even your thoughts disappear, and it’s just you and God’s creation, soothing and fascinating.

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