Writing, More Tortoise Than Hare

A._gigantea_Aldabra_Giant_TortoiseI mentioned in my last post that I was thrilled to have reacquainted myself with a story I started a couple of years ago and was off and writing like crazy. Now I have slowed to a crawl but instead of being daunted by this, I’m continuing to write even if it’s a sentence or two at a time. The fun in writing fiction, for me, is the surprise of how I get there.

This story is tricky. I know where I want it to go and why but making sure that I make it clear to a reader who isn’t in my head is the puzzle. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the nuances of the story as shown in my mind with what I am getting onto the page. And this story is very weird but fun. Once I get it all down, it should come together. I hope.

This is also a short story which I find much harder to write. I tend to write in scenes. There isn’t as much wiggle room to get from one scene to the next in a short story. I’m sure I will end up writing much more than I need to and will then cut it down to size. It’s all part of the journey, right?

Does anyone else sometimes feel that writing is like doing a jigsaw puzzle? Finding tiny pieces of the whole picture and putting it together in the right order? That’s okay with me. I like doing jigsaw puzzles too.

I’m proceeding slowly and trusting that the words will sort themselves as I go. And didn’t the tortoise win in the end?


8 thoughts on “Writing, More Tortoise Than Hare

  1. Walt Trizna says:

    Life is a jigsaw puzzle. Follow your heart, and your mind will follow.

  2. Dad says:

    Give you a lot of credit for being able to visualize, and then put your visions on paper. I have trouble just gathering facts, condensing them, and then making the information simple to read. So, kudus to you. Keep plugging. Waiting patiently for the finished product!

  3. LillianC says:

    I agree completely. Writing the first draft is like trying to find all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Once you have the whole pile, then you get to start fitting them together. I have a story like that in the works now. Another story is sitting in the Mending Pile, waiting for me to figure out its second half. The pieces have not yet revealed themselves to me!

  4. I think writing is very much like putting a puzzle together–making all the pieces fit and make sense….

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