Camping and Going With the Flow

We went camping this past weekend for the last time this season. Many of the campgrounds around here close after October. So I had planned on posting about the cool fresh air, the smell of fallen leaves and campfire smoke, the changing leaves and savoring every minute of this last weekend. And we had all of that.

Our site

This weekend was also one of this campground’s Halloween weekends and luckily we saw on their website that there would be trick-or-treating. A couple of times in the past we have arrived only to find out once we were there and we had no candy to hand out. We would hide inside the camper feeling guilty. This year, we saw it ahead of time so we brought a couple of those big bags of mixed candy bars feeling happy that we could participate. We hate to let kids down.

Usually our weekend camping trips consist of quiet and relaxing. That was not to be this weekend. The entire campground was buzzing with energy and excitement. The kids were running around in their costumes most of the day Saturday. People were decorating their sites. Seriously decorating their sites for Halloween. Unloading boxes and boxes of decorations and spending hours making them look festive. We did a lot of walking around admiring their handiwork.

Saturday the trick-or-treating was to begin at 2:30 in the afternoon which is brilliant! It’s daylight and everyone can still enjoy their evening. As the time approached, and as the hay rides went by over and over again, we saw the final preparations around us. And then we became concerned. People were setting up mini candy shops! And most had non-candy treats as well. Our site neighbors went all out. They had those items as well as treats for the many dogs in the campground. (In case you didn’t know, many dog lovers go camping since most campgrounds are dog friendly).

Our little table

Neighbors awesome decorations

We had our cute mini camp table with a Halloween themed table cloth on top which was full of wrinkles since who knew that last time we had used it. We had our one light-up jack-o-lantern, and two bags of candy and nothing to put the candy in because we forgot to bring a bowl. It was pretty funny.

We could have retreated. We could have given up. But no! We went with the flow and offered what we could. And it turned out fine.

We had a lot of fun watching all the kids and their wonderful costumes. We were incredibly impressed by how polite these kids were! Most of them only took one piece of candy. Almost all of them said thank you and so did their parents. There was so much excitement and laughter. And they just kept coming.

Backing up a bit, I have to say that we never lived in a neighborhood when our kids were little so we never got many people at our door. Now we live in a small neighborhood and have about a dozen kids show up. So getting to see so many trick-or-treaters was exciting for us.

This weekend we estimated that we had about a hundred kids! Wow! After one hour it was like a faucet was turned off and they were all gone.

Once again, we are so happy to be campers. If you ever want a taste of old-fashioned community you need to go to a nice family friendly campground.

Kids can ride their bikes or wander around without fear. And go trick-or-treating with or without their parents. Everyone watches out for everyone else. There are hay rides, ceramics, bingo and so many other activities for young and old. And everyone is welcome.

So despite this weekend not being the really quiet and relaxing one we usually have, this was a fun time. We’ve met some new and friendly people. And we still got to have our campfires and relax a bit too.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

7 thoughts on “Camping and Going With the Flow

  1. Douglas A Hlousek says:

    You really had a new Halloween experience! Glad you had the chance to enjoy an old fashioned Halloween, with everyone just enjoying each other!

  2. Erica/Erika says:

    Hi Sherrie, I was hoping to read about your camping trip. Autumn is a wonderful time to camp. Extra fun on the trick-or-treating and good to know this beforehand:) Like you say, a different kind of energy. All I can think about with your descriptions is many of them were the Griswold’s of Halloween. Surprising when camping.

    I agree with you, a nice, family friendly campground is great and it usually quiets down in the evening. Thanks for sharing the photos:)

  3. Karen Compary says:

    What a fun weekend for everyone. Hope the cats enjoyed it also.

  4. A great article.
    We were also camping at French Creek on Halloween, and the camp supervisor went around giving out candy.
    That is also the night I almost fell into the fire. Maybe not almost
    for my hat became slightly charred. Still got the hat.
    That is also, on a hike we came upon two destroyed buildings.
    Thus was born, The French Creek Legend.

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