Writing by Hand Versus Typing

How do you write? Do you run to your computer and type as fast as you can to get it all out? Or when an idea comes to you do you need to write it by hand?

When talking to other writers there is a mixture but most of us write our first words by hand. Only after that first draft is on paper will many of us then transcribe it onto the computer.

There seems to be something more organic about physically forming the letters and words using a pen or pencil and putting them onto paper.

Yet we seem to have no problem typing words for blogs, emails and tweets. Why is that?

Is it a matter of ‘serious’ writing versus the more conversational, less important quick communications of today’s social media?

Maybe we consider the social media words more temporary and our fiction, poetry and memoirs more permanent and lasting?

4 thoughts on “Writing by Hand Versus Typing

  1. I usually go straight to my laptop when an idea hits me, but I always keep a stack of A4 paper and some pencils next to it, because really abstract thoughts won’t take shape until I’ve sketched them out.

  2. Douglas A Hlousek says:

    I do my rough drafts by hand, putting down the idea, and the order I’d like things. In my case, it’s journaling, so dates are included. I then flesh out the draft on the computer. Then I sort my photos, which I save by date, and insert them where they belong. I tie it all together on the computer, edit it 1000 times and have a finished product!

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