Copyright, Terms and Disclosures-Why?

Hello fellow writers, bloggers and website owners. I love how everyone I have met online has been incredibly helpful and supportive to each other and because of that I would like to get your answers to some questions I have. It concerns copyright, terms and disclosures on blogs and websites, as the title of this post says. I have explored a bit and notice that there is a variety of ways to discuss the use of materials on your sites and other peoples’ sites.

I have seen that some of you have written individual policies and disclosures while others are using things like and Creative Commons Attribution. Some have a copyright notice stating that all rights are reserved. Many have nothing.

Some of these are more about protecting your own material and some are disclosing that you will use others’ material in a respectful and legal way.

My questions are:

– Is there a need for these things and if so, why?

– Why have you chosen what you have?

– Are some better than others and why?

– Are some more legally smart and what are the risks?

– Are there other sites or ways of doing this that I haven’t found that are helpful?

I would love to hear your opinions of what you use and why. Or why you don’t use any of these things.

Please comment so we can all be better informed. Thank you!

Book Vlog

I’m going to start by saying that this is a shameless plugging of my daughter’s video blog, or vlog. She reviews books and since I know a lot of you love books I thought you might be interested in taking a look.

I also need to explain that I am not one of those moms who automatically thinks everything my kids do is wonderful. In fact, I am very skeptical until proven otherwise. (Sorry kids!) So when Chelsea told me that she was doing book review videos online I watched the first one not expecting much. Much to my delight, it was good! She’s really good!

So if you are looking for something good to read, head over to see what books she talks about. I know my to-read list has grown since I started watching. Sigh. So many books and so little time! It’s a great problem to have.


Chelsea Palmer Book Reviews, Recommendations & Hauls

I hope you enjoy!

10 Interesting Facts about Libraries and Librarians

I’m feeling a bit guilty about not blogging as regularly as I should be. I am so caught up in work, new house, new yard, work, making time for family and friends, work… well, you get the picture. I look forward to getting back to a writing routine but until that happens I will sneak in a bit here and there.

In the meantime I am enjoying other blogs so I’ll share the posts that I find inspiring, funny educational, and interesting. I hope you enjoy them too and will discover some great writers.

I’ll start with this one since I have a weakness for libraries.

Great facts about famous libraries and librarians around the world

We thought it was about time we saluted that noble institution, the library, with some of our favourite interesting bits of trivia about libraries and librarians.

Jacob Grimm, Philip Larkin, Casanova, David Hume, Jorge Luis Borges, and Lewis Carroll all worked as librarians.

Another word for a librarian is ‘bibliothecar’.

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The Librarian Who Writes

Guess what? I got to write a guest post for published author Erin McCole Cupp. She is finishing the sequel to her book Don’t You Forget About Me (which is a really good book!) and needed some guest posts for her blog so she could work. I’ve never done this before but figured I would give it a try. So please visit her blog to read what I had to say about how being a librarian informs my writing:

And while you are there, please check out Erin’s blog and her books. I’ve read her books and she is a terrific writer.

And Erin, if you read this, hurry up and finish that sequel! I can’t wait to read it!


Winter: Enjoying It, Kind Of

Winter is probably my least favorite season of the year. I enjoy it more when I can stay home and don’t have to navigate the slippery roads. I don’t even mind shoveling that much when I can take my time and enjoy that special peaceful quiet that is part of a gentle snowfall or after a big snowstorm.

I am really trying to stay positive despite all the snow and ice we had in December.




And I’m still looking for the beauty despite the frigid cold we’ve had and lots more snow we’ve gotten this month.

Holly Berries

Holly Berries







I do find this icicle beautiful and amazing.

Cool curved icicle

Cool curved icicle

I wrote a poem about winter that I was going to post but it in rereading it just now, it’s very dark. Definitely not a happy poem.

A friend of mine wrote a great poem about winter that pretty accurately describes how I feel about it at this point. I just reread it on his blog and it still makes me laugh, so please visit here  to read it.

I also really enjoyed these photos from one of my favorite blogs. He managed to capture winter beauty as he always does. Please check out his blog too for a lift.

In the meantime, I am enjoying staying cozy inside. I’ve read a few really good books. I’m drinking a lot of green tea which is supposed to be healthy for you. And I am finally getting back to my writing which I have let sit idle for too long but sometimes I just have to do that. Don’t you?

What do you do to make winter more enjoyable?

Unexpected Surprise!

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the very generous LillianC!

I was away on vacation with no Internet access, so I am a little late in getting back to this but here goes:

First I’m supposed to list 11 facts about myself (when looking into this award, some said you needed as few as 5):

1. I love to read.

2. I love to write.

3. I’m a people person but also need time by myself.

4. I love nature, but really don’t like biting insects even though they seem to love me!

5. I don’t drink coffee but love green tea.

6. I’m a dog and cat person and have one of each.

7. I am a recovering perfectionist but keep falling off the wagon!

8. I used to be a bookseller and as a result all of my bookshelves at home are arranged by topic and alphabetically by author.

9. I love plants and have been known to talk to them. I also listen when they talk back.

10. I like to play video games but never have enough time.

11. I find making a list of facts about myself very hard to do!

Second I need to answer Lillian’s questions:

1. What is your best holiday memory? Seeing the pure joy on my children’s faces on Christmas morning.
2. Do you like to collect a particular something? Thimbles. The collectible kind.
3. What frightens you? Lightning.
4. Which bug do you like best? Butterflies.
5. Who is the person who makes you laugh? I have a group of friends called The Fellowship, who make me laugh all of the time.
6. Where do you go when you need to get away from it all? The woods.
7. What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate.
8. Where would your dream holiday be? Ireland.
9. What is the one talent you wish you had? I wish I could sing.
10. If you could meet three famous people, living or dead, who would you choose? Any of the great spiritual leaders of the world to see if they know what the heck is going on in this crazy world!  Any of my favorite authors like J.R.R Tolkien, Shakespeare, Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, Sarah Addison Allen etc. I know that’s not exactly three, but I couldn’t decide.

Third I have to nominate other bloggers who have less than 300 followers. Have fun and go explore their blogs! (Again, some of the rules say you need to nominate 11 and others as little as 5. But remember, this is a fun way to introduce new blogs, so do what you can!):


Capers for Canines (and Other Animals)

Walttriznastories Blog



Red Twilight

Drybed Quips

Nicole Marica

Heron There & Everywhere

Nightwolf’s corner

The Sun Hermit

Fourth: Contact the nominees and create 11 new questions for the blogs I nominate.

Why writers must listen

This is beautifully said. I had to share.


All writers must be good listeners.

They must listen to the other without interrupting, without imposing themselves, without guiding the other’s train of thought.

Later, they cannot tell. They cannot tell the specific stories of others.

Yet, tell they must.

When they tell the stories, those stories must undergo a transformation and be unrecognizable.

The reader must find every person in the one person’s story and no one person in any story.

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The Versatile Blogger Award

This was a wonderful surprise!

Patinspire nominated me for

Thank you!

Please visit Patinspire for a wonderful, uplifting site!

Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Thank and Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back.

7 Things about Sherrie’s Scriptorium:

1. I love books, writing and words.

2. I am an RV geek and love to go RVing.

3. I love going to the Renaissance Faire, anywhere!

4. I love nature, animals and plants.

5. Spirituality is very important to me.

6. I like to focus on the positive things and beauty in life.

7. I look forward to learning more about the blogging world.

15 Blogs I Nominate for the Versatile Blogging Award (In no particular order!):

1. oneoveralpha’s Writing Blog

2. Walttriznastorie’s Blog

3. A Leaf in Springtime

4. On the Homefront

5. Cristian Mihai

6. Sethsnap

7. Lake Superior Spirit

8. Drybed Quips

9. Capers for Canines (and Other Animals)

10. Bottleworder

11. The Great American Landscape

12. Canadian Hiking Photography

13. Limebird Writers


15. Nhan-Fiction