Belated Response to Awards

I am terribly late in thanking two wonderful people for nominating me for a couple of blogging awards.

I find these awards very flattering and am always surprised when nominated for one. I have also discovered that on the one hand they are a great way to bring attention to some of my favorite blogs, but on the other hand they take a LOT of time to do!

On that note let me recognize the two bloggers and their blogs who nominated me and share the links to their blogs. They are both positive and uplifting blogs and if you like that kind of thing, like I do, please visit them.


The first blog is the  Nicole Marica blog. She blogs about a variety of topics and I find myself smiling after reading her posts. She nominated me for the Shine On Award. If you are interested in the rules of this award Nicole had listed on her blog here.

The second nomination I had was from the ever-cheerful Avra-Sha and her Red Twilight Blog Please visit her blog. You never know what will be there but it is always enjoyable! 

One Lovely Blog Award

My sincere thanks for these nominations!