Zelda Obsession Confession

I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with the Zelda games. I play a few video games but Zelda is the one I’m obsessed with.

The first one I played was The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess. Being able to explore the world of Hyrule and solve puzzles and make progress so much fun. The game was huge and I loved exploring it. Then came the Skyward Sword and this one was even better. I’ve been playing these games for years on the Wii.

I would love to say that I played right through these games as fast as I could but no. For me exploring every inch and solving puzzles and side quests is just as fun as the main objective. Losing myself in the world of Hyrule is the point. While I’m concentrating on those games, I’m not thinking about anything else. It’s a true escape for me.

This Christmas my husband totally surprised me by getting me the Nintendo Switch. Colorful fireworks background Free Vector I was beyond excited. This was the best present I’ve gotten in years! Some women want jewelry or nice clothes. Not me! Give me a game system and I’m in heaven! I know, I’m weird that way. And this is the first game system that was just for me. Obviously I share and like to play games with others but I feel like a kid who just got their heart’s desire and didn’t even know that’s what I wanted! I’m thrilled.  

Nintendo Switch

He got me the MarioKart 8 game to play on it which was great because I played that on the Wii too and have enjoyed it.

Zelda Breath of the Wild

Then my son gave me the new Zelda game! Cue the angelic choir! Zelda! Zelda, Breath of the Wild.

I immediately set it up and couldn’t wait to get familiar with how it worked. I behaved and I let the family all try it on Christmas day. But I couldn’t wait try it by myself, to get to know the controls so well that I wouldn’t have to think about them and just play. I couldn’t wait to be back in the world of Hyrule again!

The great thing about the Switch system (And no, I am not a spokesperson for Nintendo. I just happen to think this system is convenient for me.) is that I can play it on the TV but it also has a hand held console with a screen so I can play the game on that when others want to watch the TV. I can set the screen on a table and play or I can play it right in my hands. I can take the game with me! Anywhere!

Uh oh. This could be dangerous!

So here we are three weeks after Christmas and I am thrilled to be back in Hyrule again! I’m exploring and learning. I think this is the best version of the game so far. You can go anywhere and do just about anything. And when the character dies because of my making a bad move, which happens a lot for me, it just picks up at the last saved place. It auto-saves or I can save it any time I want to which is fantastic because I’m terrible at these games so I save all the time.

So what is the point to all of this?

It’s the feeling of the excitement of a child. Its the ability these games give us to be childlike and explore and just go for it. Knowing that we are having fun without real life consequences is exhilarating. These games are an escape from a tough world from time to time.

And as long as I’m going to work and fulfilling my duties in the real world, then what harm is there in playing?

I think that’s why I’m having so much fun. We all need to find that something that lets us play like a child. And if we forget how to play what kind of life are we living?

What do you do to feel like a kid again? How do you play?


Play Day

I need a play day. Being a grownup is a lot of work and not enough play. As a grownup I find that I don’t make enough time for fun. When this goes on too long and I don’t pay attention then usually I end up getting sick. So really a play day is a good health day.

Today I’m trying to take a play day. I started the day by taking my time which in itself is such a wonderful luxury! I sat and had more than one cup of tea and the one I’m having right now is a delicious specialty blend that I bought at a tea shop. It is cocoa caramel sea salt tea and how can I possibly feel like a responsible adult while sipping on this? I can’t!

While sipping my tea I watched two (two!) episodes of Star Trek, Next Generation instead of the news. Yes, I’m a Trekkie. I have been all of my life. Watching a fun show makes me feel like a kid.

I have discovered that I’m not very good at play days and I have to work at having one which seems ironic. Despite my best intentions, I still have things that I have to get done whether I want to or not. So in keeping with the childlike frame of mind I want to maintain today I am doing a lot of grumbling and whining about having to do my chores. Little by little I am getting things done like laundry and stuff. Ugh.

However, I am determined to play. How? Well the great thing about being a grownup is that I have a lot of options! I can play video games, I can color, I can read, I can write, I can watch a movie; all of which sound fun and best of all none of which I have to do. I think that’s the key. Finding something fun to do, something enjoyable. Doing something that I think about doing a lot and keep telling myself that I will when I have time. And how often does that time come up? Almost never. 

I have been given a lot of coloring books to choose from. Fun!

I have been given a lot of coloring books to choose from. Fun!

So I am making time today. Playing enough to take my mind away from all thoughts about what I should be doing. Forgetting about time for a while. Doing something so enjoyable that I will realize that a few hours have gone by without my noticing.

What do you do when you play? What brings out the carefree kid in you?

Wish me luck! Because I am going to go play before I think of something I should be doing!

Creative, Fun and Playful 2017!

The start of a new year is always refreshing. It fills us with hope, inspiration, and goals. It sounds like there is a lot of relief that 2016 is over too. I hope that the new year has started well for all of you. It can be a lot of pressure if we make difficult resolutions. I’m not doing that this year. Instead I’m going to do more enjoyable things.


Ornaments, lights and begonias

I love the holiday season. Between the gratefulness that Thanksgiving represents and the spirit of giving and serving others that Christmas represents, how can I go wrong? Well, things can go terribly wrong if I get caught up in the material craziness that the media says is the important part of these seasons. If I stick to the real meanings then I enjoy it. I love the lights, the music, the wonderful tackiness of holiday sweaters, decorations, flowers,

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

food and goofy gifts.

Most of all I love spending time and sharing all of those things with family and friends.

Unexpected gifts are very sweet; especially cards and small, thoughtful items that the patrons at work gave to me. I never expect those and their kindness fills my heart.

I also love that my kids, who are now adults, put so much thought into the things they get for my husband and I. (Okay, maybe one or two things I asked for specifically but they did really well!)

My biggest surprise was my husband giving me an antique typewriter! As soon as I put the paper in it and started typing I was immediately pulled back in time.  The unique sound of the keys hitting the paper brings back amazing memories!

Another gift I’m excited about is a new camera.  I have been making do with the camera in my phone and there are times when that just isn’t good enough. I’m amazed by what this camera can do and am slowly learning all the ways to use it. Between the user’s manual and the software manual I will be learning new things for a very long time. I hope to include more photographs in my blog posts. But don’t expect greatness! I’m just having fun!

What do I look forward to in 2017?

Creativity. Being more creative. In any way I come up with. Writing, of course. Photography. Coloring. I may even dust off my old sewing machine and see what I can make with that. How about drawing and painting? I plan on painting walls and old furniture. That’s all creative. No pressure. Just playing like children do. Having fun with it.

Play. I want to play more. We don’t do that nearly enough as adults. My brother sent me a new game called Codenames,6-codenames which we played on Christmas day and it was a lot of fun. I loved it because you need to use words to win. My daughter got the picture version of it and we switched back and forth. Talk about being creative and playful!

All of the responsibilities of life take up so much of our time so we need make more time for more fun in life.

Creativity and play. That’s it. Nothing fancy.

How about you? Do you have creative plans for the new year? What playful things would you like to do? Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it.

Happy New Year!