Writing by Hand Versus Typing

How do you write? Do you run to your computer and type as fast as you can to get it all out? Or when an idea comes to you do you need to write it by hand?

When talking to other writers there is a mixture but most of us write our first words by hand. Only after that first draft is on paper will many of us then transcribe it onto the computer.

There seems to be something more organic about physically forming the letters and words using a pen or pencil and putting them onto paper.

Yet we seem to have no problem typing words for blogs, emails and tweets. Why is that?

Is it a matter of ‘serious’ writing versus the more conversational, less important quick communications of today’s social media?

Maybe we consider the social media words more temporary and our fiction, poetry and memoirs more permanent and lasting?

Inspired Writing vs Just Writing

I haven’t been posting as often lately because I’m writing! Yay! I write every day but I’m finally writing a story that has me in its grip. (This is the story I started to write on the plane that I posted about on August 30th.) As a result, it is taking away from my blogging time.

This brings me to the topic of inspiration. I realize that I can’t just wait around for inspiration to strike and I should just write every day whether I feel inspired or not. And I try to do that. Yet I’m discovering over and over again that when I’m really inspired, the writing flows. When I’m not particularly inspired, the writing feels forced and like work.

Does this affect the quality of the writing? When the writing isn’t really inspired, does it need more revising?

I wonder if the writing is any better one way or the other? Can a reader tell the difference? Are there any studies about this?

What have you experienced?