Quiet spring meditation in the woods

Even if you can’t get out into the woods today, enjoy this meditation. You will feel like you did go outside thanks to this wonderful post and photos.

Lake Superior Spirit


It sometimes takes a long time–a truly long time–maybe even years, or decades, or a lifetime–for one to learn how to truly become quiet in the woods.

So quiet, so still, that there is no difference between you and the landscape, between you and nature.

Until you realize fully that you are nature itself in your stillness, in your activity, in your very essence.

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10 Interesting Facts about Libraries and Librarians

Featured Image -- 1914

I’m feeling a bit guilty about not blogging as regularly as I should be. I am so caught up in work, new house, new yard, work, making time for family and friends, work… well, you get the picture. I look forward to getting back to a writing routine but until that happens I will sneak in a bit here and there.

In the meantime I am enjoying other blogs so I’ll share the posts that I find inspiring, funny educational, and interesting. I hope you enjoy them too and will discover some great writers.

I’ll start with this one since I have a weakness for libraries.

Interesting Literature

Great facts about famous libraries and librarians around the world

We thought it was about time we saluted that noble institution, the library, with some of our favourite interesting bits of trivia about libraries and librarians.

Jacob Grimm, Philip Larkin, Casanova, David Hume, Jorge Luis Borges, and Lewis Carroll all worked as librarians.

Another word for a librarian is ‘bibliothecar’.

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Writing or a Lack Thereof


I haven’t been writing despite the fact that I am chock full of new experiences.

I think a big part of it is because I am trying to absorb so much right now that I haven’t been able to put words to all I am feeling, seeing and experiencing. I don’t even know where to begin.

One reason I keep putting off posting here is because I keep discovering amazingly beautiful things that I want to share but feel I really need to have a photograph to go with it. Then I don’t want to stop and take a photograph because I’m enjoying what I’m seeing. I want to just be in the experience. I don’t want to be one of those people that miss things because they are so busy trying to record it all. So I found an image online that shows a bit of what I’m talking about. Thanks to Wikimedia for this image.

I had this novel idea that maybe I should work on my descriptive writing skills and see if I can capture any of it. Duh! That’s what a writer does! I’ll see what I can do.

So I am starting with this:

We recently moved to a very rural and extremely beautiful part of the world. This is rolling farmland filled with hard working people. Our house is new and built in a tiny old village. We can walk to a bank, a tavern, a general store and some other small businesses. There is a fire company manned by volunteers. I am discovering that this is an area of community. Of people taking care of the land and each other.

I drive winding country roads and the views are breathtaking. There is one high point in the road where I drive daily which curves around revealing a view that goes on for miles and takes my breath away. Fields and farms. Dramatic sky with majestic clouds and beams of sunlight shining through. I know this sounds corny but it’s real and I hope I never take it for granted.

We originally decided to move this way because the cost of living is so much cheaper than where we were but we continue to discover more and more wonderful things here. Priorities seem to be more in tune with us. The pace of living is slower which is great. People are friendly. There is very little traffic and as far as we can tell, little or no crime.

Even though we have only moved a fairly short distance, we feel we have landed in a new world and one that we are very happy with. I feel like I am starting a new life here. And I feel like I’m on an adventure discovering new things daily.

When I manage to get pictures I will share them. In the meantime I will try to paint this new life I’m living in words and hope I can capture at least a small part of what I’m experiencing. I need to start again somewhere so I’ll just dive in and see what shows up. I hope you’ll come along and if I manage to get it right, maybe you too can find some of these things fascinating too.

Grateful Sunday


I’m sure some of you saw in the news that a tornado touched down in Pennsylvania Wednesday night. That was about ten miles from where I live and that storm roared right over us. It was very scary. We didn’t have any damage here and I am feeling incredibly grateful.

It was amazing to watch the community pull together to help those who were hit. There was mainly property damage and I don’t think anyone was hurt. Another thing to be grateful for.

So other than some flooded roads and a longer ride to work the next day, we were fine. Others nearby are still picking up and rebuilding.

Add that to a busy week I decided that I needed something relaxing to do. When my daughter invited me to visit, I was thrilled. We both have very busy lives so when we get together it’s time we don’t take for granted.

It was a gorgeous day today. It got into the 60’s with sunshine. In February! On the drive over it was nice to be driving on a beautiful day enjoying the countryside.

One of the loves in my life is horses. Since my daughter has two horses it was a doubly good day. My grand-horses! Her one horse is Musical, and she is a rescued thoroughbred racehorse.


Musical-her beautiful, content face.

She is a beautiful horse enjoying a nice quiet life. The other horse is Hercules, and he is a rescued miniature horse who is so cute it’s ridiculous.


Hercules-happy little guy.

What a gift it was to be able to be outside and not be freezing. No more snow on the ground. And two content horses to spend time with. Lots of loving.

That is why this is Grateful Sunday.

I hope everyone had something to be grateful for today.

Writing Levels

I know I go off on a variety of tangents and subjects in this blog but I realize that I need to get back to writing. I need to do more writing in general. I have discovered that when real life demands my full attention my writing gets pushed into the background. And that I usually suffer for not getting words onto the page.

I have discovered through the years a few things about my writing habits.

The first thing is that I have to write. I’ve tried giving it up, repeatedly, when life gets crazy. I know that writing is the way I put life into perspective. Writing is how I work through things good and bad.

The most direct way I work through things is by keeping a journal. That is the most shallow writing I do but it allows me to get my monkey mind under control. Do most writers have overactive minds? When too many ideas and feelings have built up I have to write it out. It usually comes out with no order (kind of like this post) but if I keep writing eventually the really important things make themselves known and the rest I can let go of. Journal writing is the one form of writing I am consistent about. I think it’s self-preservation.

Writing fiction or as children say, making things up, is a more indirect way of dealing with things but a creative way to explore. And safe. Instead of taking out anger on someone I can create a fictional scene and work things out that way. And the opposite of that is taking a negative situation and creating a positive scene to replace the real one. It makes me remember what it was like as a child when I would play by acting out feelings. That does wonders for my state of mind. Everyone should remember how to make believe.

When my mind is in a calm state, then I can get into pure creativity. That’s when I do my best creative writing. It’s when poetry comes to mind and words and ideas flow easily. A calm mind is when I will write something that is so crystal clear and alive in my imagination that it feels real. Sometimes more real than real life. And on the opposite of that I have written things that I will go back and read some time after having written it and be surprised. I wrote that?! Wow!

Now that I’m getting more settled into my new home and life I hope to be able to get to a calm state of mind and back to my creative writing. I have at least two stories that I have left hanging for a very long time. The characters are waiting patiently for me to have space for them again. I’m getting there.

How about you? Do you have different levels of writing? Or do you use your writing in different ways? Does it help you deal with life or are you able to completely separate your writing life from whatever is going on day to day?

I find the process, desire and need to write fascinating. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.


One of the many things I am learning from moving is appreciating the details. One of the details that I have in this new house is a skylight. Two of them actually. It may seem like a silly thing but this is something I’ve never had before and love the idea of letting more light into the house.

It reminds me of the ceiling in the Great Hall in Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. That ceiling always shows what is going on outside; whether it’s day or night, sunny or snowing. My skylights are doing the same thing and its magical.

Since I moved in I have been in love with the skylights. They let in as much light as I had hoped. The angles of them are fascinating. They flare out from the roof so there are no boring angles. And when the sun hits them they leave the most wonderful playgrounds of shadow and light. 

Sunlight & Frost

Sunlight & Frost


I catch myself stopping to see where the light is hitting at various times of the day and realize that this will be an ever-changing progression to watch as the angle of the sun changes constantly. How amazing!

I love being able to look up and see the sky. Or watch as clouds slide by. My favorite so far has been looking up one night and seeing the full moon in one of them. I wish I had taken a picture!

I wonder if I will ever get used to the sound of rain tapping on the glass above? Or waking on a sunny winter morning to see them filled with Jack Frost’s artwork? (Rise of the Guardians fans will understand the importance of acknowledging Jack Frost!)

Frost Art

Frost Art

During the blizzard last month it was fun to see how quickly they were covered with snow making our home a warm, calm cocoon in that wild storm. And then observing how one melted away quickly while the other one stayed covered for a few days.

I look forward to many years of seeing what these snapshots of the sky show me.

The Wisdom of Kittens

Just for fun, this is a small list of watching kittens exploring the new world they find themselves in. We can look at the world like it’s all new again when we watch the young do this.  I hope you enjoy some of these things in your own life. What would you add to this list?

-Look at anything new that crosses your path with curiosity and wonder. Then play with it!

A box and tissue paper. Amazing!

A box and tissue paper. Amazing!

-Play a lot.

-Remember to notice even the simple things in life. Take nothing for granted.

So that's the sky!

So that’s the sky!

-Enjoy the comforts life offers like a big warm pile of laundry. 

Warm clothes.

Warm clothes.

-Sometimes you just have to run at full speed because you are so full of the energy of life! Plus its fun.

-Play until you can’t keep your eyes open for another second.

-Eliminate the negatives in your life by swiping at it, slapping it, shaking it until it can’t hurt you anymore.

-Get plenty of rest.

-Cuddle with a friend. 



-Take care of the ones you love.